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Josiah Lanning:

Political Outsider.

Policy Innovator.

 Individual Rights Champion.


My name is Josiah Lanning. I was born, raised, and reside in North Linden, Columbus Ohio. 

I'm running for State Representative because:

    A) I believe we deserve better than the failed progressive policies which have led to our communities demise. A select group of Columbus insiders have failed our communities for far too long. Small businesses closed, neighborhoods in ruin, failed education systems, and increased criminal chaos.

       B) I believe that our state government has grown too large and focuses too much on collective policies. I want to place power back with the people through tax reform which incentivizes small businesses as well as policies which empower the individual to make decisions for their own life.

Rebuilding our communities starts with educational reform which fully empowers parents to be in control of their child's academic success. Properly educating our kids empowers them to be successful in Ohio's 21st Century economy.  Additionally, its time we as a community take look at criminal justice reform that is both tough on crime while ensuring overall fairness. As your representative, I plan to innovate a state version of the First Step Act which would enable an individualistic approach to each case before the system and take various steps reduce unnecessary regulation, excessive punishment, and unnecessary recidivism.

 Life. Liberty. Lanning '22.

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