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Educational Reform

Josiah fundamentally opposes all progressive education curriculum, including Common Core and Critical Race Theory. Josiah views these types of curriculum proposals as an attack on the nuclear family. Both Common Core and CRT were designed to disrupt the role of parents in their child's life, enabling government institutions to become the primary role model.

Josiah would support educational reform which focused more on foundational American values - rooted in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  With a proper understanding of the Constitution comes an understanding of the limitations on centralized government. The next generation should be empowered to live their own lives - free from government mandates and interference.

Josiah supports and would sponsor legislation to empower families to make the best decisions for their kids.  Educational monies should follow the child to the school that best meets their needs - not require a student to attend a school which is not best suited for their individual success.  Whether public, charter, or homeschooling, the educational success of each child should be of the upmost importance.

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