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Meet Josiah


Josiah is a political outsider, innovative problem-solver, and policy entrepreneur who has embraced a lifestyle of a embattled champion.  He has spent his entire life defying seemingly insurmountable odds, accomplishing what critics and the establishment has viewed as impossible. As the people's elected representative in the Ohio House, Josiah will:

  1. Utilize his unique problem-solving skillset to rebuild Ohio's economy into a model of success for other states in a post-COVID world.
  2. Fight to ensure that the opportunities which enable the American Dream are equally available to all citizens. No segregation. No discrimination.
  3. Fight for the values which continue to make Ohio and America the shining beacon of hope for the rest of the world.  As Ohio goes, so goes the nation.

Born and raised in North Linden, Columbus, Ohio, Josiah knows and understands the unique challenges that face both his district and the State of Ohio. Homeschooled by his mother, Josiah was instilled with a strong sense of determination and the skills necessary to foster critical thinking. These skills, as well as his faith in God and the support of his family, have served as a cornerstone to his lifelong story of success. 


In 2013, Josiah graduated with Cum Laude honors from The Ohio State University, having earned a bachelors degree in International Studies along with three minors (Political Science, Military Science, and Military History). For the next three years, Josiah experienced first-hand many of the policy hurdles which have inhibited the economically challenged and the disabled community from achieving their American Dream.

In 2019, Josiah graduated from The Ohio State University’s Glenn College with a Masters’ Degree in Public Administration and Public Policy, becoming one of the first individuals in a wheelchair to achieve this honor. During his time at the Glenn College, he had the opportunity to participate in Hacking4Defense (Rapid Innovation for Public Impact), a nationally renowned course which equipped participants with a unique skillset needed to solve public problems.  Using these skills, he has effectively worked with various public agencies to resolve real world problems which have plagued their organizations, including the Ohio National Guard.

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